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As a Citizen of the Commonwealth Nation the course for your Liberation, Freedom, Dignity, Amnesty and Social Justice is a price paid as a result by King John. Continuity of Royalty remitted to the United Kingdom Monarch their gains of Colony by Queen Elizabeth I makes you a British Subject. Enforcement of your Protectorate Rights of Residence and Unlimited Travel Restriction to United Kingdom and her Territories is your Birth Right.


Your Vote Esteems You
Your Vote Is Your Liberation
Your Vote Is Your Destiny
Your Vote Is Your Autonomy
Your Vote Is Your Future
Your Vote Is Your Liberation


A World free of Human Degradation, Freedom for Man, Justice for Man, Liberation, Man's Dignity with Honour, Man's Rights to Social Securities and Social Amenities, Government Sustainability for Man's Bedrock, Eradication of Government Insanity of Oppressive Injustice, Elimination of Alien Laws, Human Empowerment, Human Social Dependency on the Government and a Price paid for Human Value. Visit: to view the Manifesto Mandate 21st Century.


21st Century Revolution for the Rights of Freedom and Justice can only succeed if you educate Your Mind and Stand to Uphold Your Individuality Justice.
Ignorant Is A Death Warrant You Will Sign Upon Yourself.

Yes! I Will Vote.