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Alexander Baron - Con Man

United Kingdom is an Empire whose Myth is founded the Knights and Knowledgeable of the Aristocrats. UK is now a Police State as No One Is safe.
People of United Kingdom are warned to be Vigilant as Evil is working in the Shadows of Light because Injustice is Chartered as Laws – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas
Truth is above Mud of Lies, so United Kingdom Civilization can no longer be mocked – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas

We can officially unmasked the Face of the Syndicate Alexander Baron who lives at 93C Venner Road, London, Sydenham, SE26 5HU and is the Con Man who owned The Latest News.Com a Scammers Blog set up by Mr. Alexander Baron himself and funded by UK Immigration Militias for purpose of Releasing Fake News and Stories to brainwash the Commonwealth People living the United Kingdom in deceit to disarm their Rights to protect themselves with the British Commonwealth National Card in aid of their Sovereignty to Settlement in Britain.
The Commonwealth Liberation Party unmasked the Identity of the Fake Blogger who will soon be facing Criminal Charges for Blackmail and Deformation of Character on Crimes committed against Professor Alexia Thomas geared at discrediting her Reputation to intentionally destroy her Credibility. The Crimes committed against the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party is equally Crimes committed against the Party therefore the Offences of Mr. Alexander Baron is a perpetrated for motives of Anti-Semitic attack. This is a Xenophobia attempt to assassinate Professor Alexia Thomas Reputation whose Voice is the only Justice that protect the Rights and Virtues of the Commonwealth People in the Great Britain.
On the 22nd August 2015, a False Publication was released about Professor Alexia Thomas as it Reads – A Nigerian Scammer In London. The Latest News.Com is a Syndicate Network Blog created to deceive the Coloured People with untrue Stories and fake News. Mr. Alexander Baron is an Enemy of the Coloured and Black People and he is a Cult Member of the Klu Klux Klan. He gets himself rich in Blood Money that sees the Blacks and Coloured People killed every day in the Detention Centres all over the United Kingdom.
The Crime committed against the People of Coloured is a serious Confraternity between Britain and Europe to destroy the People of the Commonwealth. The British Police fails the Commonwealth Citizens in the United Kingdom as they have intentionally allowed the corridors of destruction to entrap them in connivance with Immigration Militia Syndicates currently working as Hitler’s Gestapo. Immigration Officers sees Commonwealth Citizens as bugs and kill them silently in the Detention Centres and bury them in Unmarked graves.


British Commonwealth National Card Allotment is available for those interested to apply, can get directives from the Protectorate Identity Website at to safeguard their Human Rights and Civil Liberties. Every Commonwealth Citizens and Non-Commonwealth Citizens are advised to Protect themselves by Enrolling for British Commonwealth National Card or you die the Death of Shame as the UK Immigration Militias Syndicates are out to kill Commonwealth Citizens and no British Court has ever brought any of the Militias to Justice despite the Commonwealth Citizens Deaths. The British Commonwealth National Card safeguard your Rights against Infringement by Immigration or Police Harassment. Holders who faces Harassment are advised to take note of the Officers credentials to report Crimes of Harassment. Do not be Deceived, Brain-washed or Misguided.
The British Commonwealth National Card gives you Security and Protection. The BCN Card allows you Global Social Integration, International Relations, Status Enhancement and Travel Clearance by 2021 as it upholds the UDHR 1948 United Nations Treaty, so Holders of this Card are immune from Malicious Harassment.




The City Of London Police do not exist, instead they are Maggots acting in their Kokum World. They are Militias Syndicate Gangs that execute Covert Operations just to protect the German Politicians Blood Money Investment Profit accrued from the Black and Coloured Peoples Rituals Scarification to lock up and kill the Commonwealth Citizens in Immigration Detention Facilities in the UK. Members of the Public can check the City Of London Website; Do not be deceived by the Logos of various Agencies they are all bird of the same feathers. The obvious clarity is that they are not the Metropolitan Police. This is just Unbelievable that Monkey Organization that has no genuine purpose and motives for United Kingdom Empire can exist debarring the UK Police from their works of Peoples Civil Protection. It is now obvious whenever a Coloured Person is in distress or being attacked by Militias and the Police are called out, they refused to protect as the Syndicate Militias now lure Great Britain Streets shaded like Chameleon, the Worst Atrocities to Hinder British Civilization.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Leader Of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) and not wanted by the UK Metropolitan Police, but the Immigration Syndicates deceived the Metropolitan Police Commissioner office into signing a False warrant to declare her Most Wanted. The Police Commissioner is still yet to Apologise to Prof. Thomas because receipt of Apology will come with a Weighty Compensation not less than £50,000,000.00 as The Commonwealth Liberation Party surge to Sue for the malicious Warrant of Arrest unlawfully issued against her.


The National Crime Agency is a Militias Syndicate Organization set up and funded by the Home Office as a Non-Ministerial Government Department, but in their National Crime Agency Website, they call themselves a Government Agency whereas they are just a Government Quango. The NCL Website Logo is the Crown. How can the NCA use the Logo of a Crown when they are not set by Royal Charter or granted Royal Assent by the Monarch? The Question: Does the Home Office have the Powers to set Up the NCA as an Organization? definitely the Answer is No. The National Crime Agency malicious existence now means United Kingdom is a Police State, denying the real UK Metropolitan Police the Powers to protect the People of United Kingdom and Commonwealth. How can Home Office in the Headship of PM Theresa May’s Conservative Political Party operates United Kingdom with Slum Dog Politics? The Huge payout by Home Office to National Crime Agency makes the NCA richer than the Great Britain Police and Metropolitan Police Institution and Federation. The Home Office Annual Payout of £448,000,000.00 to National Crime Agency since their formation in 2013 is the reason why over 200,000 UK Police Officers are denied Employment by the Police Federation.
The German Politicians own the National Crime Agency that extorts Home Office Four Hundred and Forty-Eight Million Pounds (£448,000,000.00) Annual Budget for their retention as a Corporate Klu Klux Klan Organization in United Kingdom to protect their Blood Money Investment accrues from Immigration Detention facilities for locking Black and Colored People as Human Animals and Guineas Pigs.


The People of United Kingdom Voted that the UK Leave the EU because their National Health Service (NHS) System is suffering because UK gives EU Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds (£350,000.00) Weekly, which mean Pm Theresa May pays European Union Club Eighteen Million, Two Hundred Thousand Ponds (£18,200,000.00) in a Year of 52 Weeks. What is PM Theresa May’s interest by Funding the National Crime Agency £448,000,000,00 which means that the National Crime Agency receives from the Home Office weekly Eight Million, Six Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Pounds and Sixty-two Pence (£8,615, 384.62) every week in 52 Weeks in One Year. It is now obvious why Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas on the 12th of July 2016 moved a Vote of No Confidence against PM Theresa May and her Conservative Party. The malicious Payment PM Theresa May gives to the National Crime Agency depowers the State Police Financial Empowerment to give the UK People Protection. The National Crime Agency will and must be close down, because their monstrous organization has No Blood, No Vein or No Skin to Operate as a Vigilante Group in United Kingdom which is why Commonwealth Peoples Deaths in Detention facilities have been covered up because United Kingdom is now a Mafia Republic.
The National Crime Agency as a Vigilante Gangs are even worse that than the American Mafias Drug Lords like Mr. Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone a Gangster, Bootlegger, Racketeer. The German Politicians And PM Theresa May Will And, Must Face The Wrath To Justice For Funding This National Crime Agency which we have unmasked as Syndicate Vigilante Gangs.
The Public is seriously warned to be Vigilant as Evil is working in the Shadows of Light because Injustice is Chartered as Laws.
The Commonwealth Liberation Party’s Myth can never de defeated as it is controlled by the Powers of the Thrones of Great Britain Kingdom. The Myth of Professor Alexia Thomas and her Headship of The Commonwealth Liberation Party has come to Stay, Live and Reign and any attempt by Syndicates and Government Surrogates to stop the Peoples Freedom and Justice will be Stopped.
The Truth Is Above Mud Of Lies, United Kingdom Civilization Can No Longer Be Mocked.
Every Body should watch out for Alexander Baron as his days to face the gallows of Justice are equally Numbered.
The Commonwealth Liberation Party Says No Room for Slum Dog Politics Press Released 21st August 2016