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Miss. Olayori Tinuola Adewusi


Miss. Olayori Tinuola Adewusi is wanted by the IDC for matters of Blackmail and Libel.


Olayori Tinuola Adewusi


This woman’s membership has been revoked and IDC needs to find her so as to bring Criminal Charges against her.

She is currently on the Home Office List for Persons to be deported and she has gone into hiding.

We need to find her as she is currently stealing from Members of the Public with our name.

Members of the IDC are advised to dissociate from her or report her citing to the Office of the IDC or the Police.

She is very dangerous and a Lunatics so approaching her should be done with caution and safeguard to avoid being bitten by her as we have been informed she currently have Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which is infectious and has made her gone into hiding.

Any success to catch her, a ransom of £1000 is payable. Send details to