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Do Not Fall For The Deceit Of Person Whose Photograph Is Named.

Paul Wylie 2

He is an imposter currently parading himself before Commonwealth Embassies and their Ambassadors purporting the Portfolio of the Home Office. He is a Bounty Hunter with Agenda of executing Legislative Confraternity to abuse the Rights and Welfare of the Coloured People from the Nations of Commonwealth. He is a Klu Klux Klan and Hates the sights of the Coloured People. He hates the Black People, but get himself rich in blood money that sees the Blacks and Coloured people killed every day in the Detention Centres all over the United Kingdom.

Paul Wylie has been writing letters to discredit the credibility of the British Commonwealth National (BCN) Card. His letters show pure English deficiency, which is obvious he is an Illiterate and lack serious Education, if not he should know, not even the Prime Minister (David Cameron) and Secretary of State (Teresa May) of Conservative Party can discredit the British Commonwealth National Card currently issued to Commonwealth Citizens by The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP); It is the choice of the People of Great Britain to vote the TCLP into Power if they like the Good Will of their Governance. The Action of Paul Wylie to attack the BCN Card is evidence his Malicious Agenda is of Dishonesty to suppress Commonwealth Peoples Will of Freedom to Enslavement. Paul Wylie is not from Home Office rather his Agency is contracted with motives to Falsely deport Migrants with bonafide Rights to the United Kingdom as Commonwealth. No staff of Home Office put their Mobile Numbers on Official Letters, so be warned not to fall victim to Paul Wylie Pranks. This Scammer Paul Wylie is an Enemy of the Coloured People. Be warned as his Pranks will see you loose the Immunity the BCN Card gives you as Instrument of Law to fight Conservative Government Destructive Agendas against the Commonwealth People’s Residence Rights in the United Kingdom.

British Commonwealth National Card Application for those interested in the British Commonwealth National Card are advised to apply at to safeguard their Human Rights and Civil Liberties.
Remember to Register at Commonwealth Freedom Liberty Rally Website on
Commonwealth High Commissions will be advised accordingly of this Dangerous Commonwealth Enemy.

Note: If you are a Victim of False Imprisonment after Renunciation of Commonwealth Nationality and Proclamation of British Nationality; Any Immigration Officers who attends your Home from London and South Jurisdiction are Paul Wylie gangs. They visit Homes with Fake Warrants; Hence Immigration is a Civil matter, you are to report Immigration False Visitation to the Police for Crimes of Harassment, False Imprisonment, Kidnap and Hostage. We have now unmarked Paul Wylie’s Identity captured from BEN TV Programme. Also do not fall for Paul Wylie’s current Propaganda deceiving Commonwealth Citizens to leave the United Kingdom voluntary. If you sign their Documents with the trust Home Office will give your Financial Resettlement Aid to your Country, this is a decoy as Paul Wylie get paid to Falsely remove People from the UK at his Financial greed.

Mr. Paul Wylie is currently on raider for Crimes of False Imprisonment and will face possibility of Criminal Prosecution, so Concerns or Complain against him should be reported to