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This Persons Whose Photographs Appears Are Nigerians And Enemies Of Nigerian People And Commonwealth Citizens In Generality.

Able_FinalPicture2 jpeg

The People on the Role of Photographs, 1st Picture is Oluwayemisi Jenkins, 2nd Picture is Emmanuel Feyisetan, 3rd Picture is Olivia Ola – Joseph and 4th Picture is Bilikisu Salvage. These Individuals operates a Club purporting to be a Charity officiated by Name abbreviation ‘ABLE’ with meaning ‘Association Of British Nigerian Law Enforcement’.
The Citizens of Commonwealth and especially Nigerians are advised to stay clear of this Gangs who parade themselves as Solicitors and various professional banners.

These dangerous Criminal Syndicate Gangs are currently aided by the Home Office Bounty Hunters (Immigration Officials) on Covert Operations to unlawfully deport Colored People and Nigerians out of the United Kingdom.
The Commonwealth Nations Prides are killed by these Bandits as they Profit heavily in their Crimes of Espionage, Treason, Aiding and Abetting and Blackmail. These Bandits decoyed like Chameleons to extort Information from Commonwealth Citizens in pretense they are Professional in the Legal Services and in turn sell their Information’ to the Immigration Officials as Informants. These Gangs enriched themselves in their Underworld Criminal Business of Blackmail, Fraud And Libel. They are Klu Klux Klan Agents. Commonwealth Citizens are seriously warned to desist and disassociate from these Bandits as they are Hellraisers.
It has come to our attention the Headship of the Bandits by Name Oluwayemisi Olivia Jenkins has been awarded MBE by the Queen of England on merit of Border Security. The Public is cautioned to know this Woman’s MBE simply means nothing as her Name was sneaked into the Honor list by Error.

We The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) disagrees the MBE Award as it is a disappointment and confirmed our Optimism of this Woman Underworld profession. A Civilian has no issue with Border Security when not an Immigration Enforcement Officer in Uniform. Oluwayemisi Olivia Jenkins Criminal Underworld is Sells, Kills and Destroy the Welfare and Wellbeing of the Africans and Colored People. Her Union with Home Office Bounty Hunters to unlawfully deport our Colored People out of the United Kingdom worst fairs is confirmed. She is an Undercover Agent spying on the Colored People and furnishing her Culprits with Information to deport Commonwealth Citizens out of the United Kingdom Unlawfully.

We The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) disagrees with the Queen’s MBE Award to this Woman and shall be advising the Queen Honorarium Department to revoke her Honor if any as her Name has been sneaked in the Honor list by Error. Members of the Public are warned to stay clear of these Bandits before they get Harmed or Hurt as they are very dangerous. Any information that can help us pursue Criminal charges against these Bandits will be highly appreciated.

Be A Good Patriot And Do Not Keep Quiet And Watch Injustice Orchestrate On Vulnerable Commonwealth People.  Know It Today That – Injustice To One Is Injustice To All.