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Mr. Clinton Nelson a Nigerian born June 1975 is involved in Marriage Scam Fixing with a Woman purported to be his girlified Miss. Stefenia Stan a Romanian born February 1988 and Mr. Florea Stan father to Stefenia born January 1964 and all named Perons’ are involved in a Marriage Scams Rakeertering.

Mr. Florea Stan who lives at 110 Dunhill Avenue, Coventry, West Midlands CV4 9PX and Stephanie Stan and Clinton Nelson who lives at 130 Staveley Close, Peckham, SE15 2JW are serial Rogues. Romanians do not bear Stan, so it is obvious it is a cloned name used by the Stan’s family to evade detection. The Stans Family in connivance with Clinton Nelson set up as a Fake Company Nelstan Construction Limited Registration 10641098 at Registered Address 294 Manwood Road, London, SE4 1SF.

Mr. Florea Stan is the Ring Leader and Mr. Clinton Nelson lure Africans Migrants to their gangs for exploitation in their Under-World business who fall victims to Crimes of Prostitution, Passport Falsification, Women Trafficking and Marriage Scam. Mr. Florea Stan, Miss Stephania Stan and Clinton Nelson set up a Company in the Banner of Nelstan Construction to front Covert Operations of Marriages Scam Fixing Outreach in a bid to collect Fraudulent Monies from African Victims.

In a bid to lure their Victims Mr. Clinton Nelson works for Mr. Florea Stan as an Interpreter and Mediator for the African Victims who are prey to their Marriage Scams for this reason, Miss. Stefania Stan and Clinton Nelson resides at 130 Staveley Close, Peckham, SE15 2JW a hide out base for them to entrap their prey.

Mr. Clinton Okechukwu Nelson is one of many Africans who are out there to disgrace and bring Shame to the Nigerian People and the British Peoples Values and Virtues. Do Not Be Silent As Injustice To One Is Injustice To All.

The African Communities should stay clear of these Dangerous Criminal Gangs exploiting vulnerable Africans in a string of Marriage Scam rakeektering. They traffick EU Women to African Migrants who pay them huge sums from £5,000 to £10,000 and in most Cases the Women escape and eventually their Male Victims lose their Money.

We are dutifully obligated to weed out Dangerous Culprits who have no need to reside in the United Kingdom. We need to catch these Dangerous Culprits. Any information that will help us put them behind bars is Welcome.
Check out Mr. Clinton Nelson’s Face and if you recognise him or have been a Victim of his Fraud or Marriage Scam, report him to the Nearest Police Station to get him off the Street or send us an Email to