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Be Aware Of Lennox Ikwue, Scammer, Imposter And Fraudster

Be Aware Of Lennox Ikwue, Scammer, Imposter And Fraudster

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Mr. Lennox Emmanuel Igoche Ikwue is a Nigerian Scammer born on 04/10/1971. He masquerades in the Veil of a False Identity Of James Adeyemi and a Fake Photograph as Mr. James Adeyemi which is the actual Photograph of Mr. Clarence E. Anthony an Ex Mayor of South Bay Florida, USA.

Lennox Ikwue is a dangerous Con Man. In a bid to entrap his Victims, he goes by the name of James Adeyemi an impersonated identity to deceive Members of the Public in disguised to cover his trails.
Lennox Ikwue is evasive and has a Fake Google Profile Account in the name of James Adeyemi which is now renamed as Good And Evil You Chose.

Lennox Ikwue is unemployed and lives on exploiting mostly White Female Victims in deceit of Trade Investment in Africa in a decoy that he is the Son of a Multimillionaire and most white ladies have fallen prey to his Scam.
Lennox Ikwue executes his Rougism Under-Word with the aid of his girlfriend Miss Joanne Lamb a Jamaican born June 1966, who is a grandmother and his Associate in Crime and both resides together at 43 Ridge Close, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0HT. They have been friends in Crimes for 9 years and has enriched their Coffers at the Expenses of White Female Victims being made to pay lump sum of Money into Business Scam and Money Laundering.

Lennox Ikwue and his Associate in Crime Joanne Lamb are swindlers and living at the expense of State Benefit.
Joanne Lamb act for Lennox Ikwue as a Secretary to lure White Female Victims to their Under-World Scams convincing them to pay to his bogus Bank Account in Africa. Joanna Lamb falsified her age on the Electoral Role with 10 years reduction to claim Fraudulent Incapacity Benefit in pretence she is unable to work due to being raped as Child.
We seriously need to stop these individuals. If you are a Victim of Lennox Ikwue Scam or fallen prey to his Criminal Exploitation and you are able to identity him from the Photograph, report him to the nearest Police Station or send us an Email with evidence of his illicit activities’

Persons’ With Information To Help Indict Him Will Be Duly Rewarded. Injustice To One Is Injustice To All.
Details To Help Indict This Criminal Should Be Sent To  Email: contact@Protectoratepolice.Info