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September 12th, 2017No Comments

Mr. Tony Blair Is An EU Junky, Destroyer Of British Peoples Sovereignty, A Traitor, A Narcissist And A Political Manipulator.

Mr. Tony Blair is simply in denial of Truth and pioneering a False Propaganda to disrupt Prime Minister Theresa May’s Government./ — Mr. Tony Blair has been bribed by EU Masters to cajole us into a Blood Sucking Mongus Club of a Failed EU Ideology./ — The British Media must from today henceforth stop showing his guts of lust delusion./

Mr. Tony Blair is a Failed Prime Minister whose Reign has brought disastrous consequence to our British Republic. To curtail Mr. Blair’s insanity of Delusional Grandiosity to stop brainwash of the British People, “I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas have spoken as an Oracle, an Eagle a Guardian Angel from the Realm of the English Orthodox, hear me in the Loudness of my Voice, I say to You Mr. Tony Blair, you are digging your own destruction and shall on your own swim in your own Mud”.

Final Warning to Mr. Tony Blair from Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas, as The Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party; She says, “Any further False Propaganda to deceive Britain to subject our Myth to the EU to make the UK a Protectorate, Mr. Tony Blair better be ready to spend the rest of your Old Age in Jail, simply shut your mouth and Hide yourself in the Mud./

Mr. Tony Blair, any further Secret meetings with the EU without official authorisation by Theresa May’s Government, the British Government is now within her Legitimate Legal Rights to use her Executive Powers to put you in Jail or Expel you out from United Kingdom for reason of Crime of Espionage, as your actions constitutes Sabotage against United Kingdom and her Government because you are divulging British Secret to our Enemies. I urge you to seek Legal Advice./ — The United Kingdom owns her Republic and takes back her Glorious Reign as she stood in Elizabethan Era of 15th Century to save the World from her Destruction.