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PM Theresa May Heroism And Party Rebellion

March 10th, 2018No Comments

PM THERESA MAY HEROISM AND PARTY REBELLION – Her Knowledgeable Prof. Alexia Thomas Adjudicate

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Government is simply in adherence of an obligatory mandate of BREXIT Agenda for United Kingdom, Her Great Britain and Northern Island.

A Political Party Is A Confraternity; One Leader, One Voice, One Talk, One Submission, Against the Ethics Makes You A Traitor. – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas

Conservative Party Rebels are Political Tough and Political Gangsters and hence in War of Political Confusionism, I call for their Party Membership be revoked as their Recklessness of Antagonism against same Party whose Platform is their Mantle is a Disdain Act of a Consequential Retribution.

Prime Minister Theresa May, I Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas say to you “Fear Not, As You Shall Not Withered Or Deterred, Instead You Will Head The World As Powered By Opium The Myth Of Greatness For United Kingdom To Be The World Power To Rule And Overturn The World Eminent Destruction.

A Political Party Is A Confraternity, Its Ideologies Are Binding. It Is Either You Believe Or Be A Coward Or A Traitor. – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas

Speaking the Voice of the British People, embracing a New Model of 21th Century Politics, Political Toughrism will not be condoned. There shall be no ‘Political Cajole Of Malice, There Shall Be No Political Jeopardy, There Shall Be No Political Hindrances, There Shall Be No Political Menaces, There Shall Be No Junta Politics and There Shall Be No Rivalry Fierce Hunt.’.

Conservative Party Members Rebellionism is consequential, these Men must be expelled as they are Haters of British Sovereignty, Hence for Conservative Party Virtues and Values to be upheld or a Political Intrusion will withered their Adventive Politics. Conservative Party Rebels who co-joined Labour Party Revolters of Brexit Agenda of the Government are simply Political Prostitutes, Political Gangsters and Political Antagonists.

The Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn Team must be stopped from Heading the Podium of UK Government Affairs nor to be a seer of Britain’s future. Labour Party Policies are weakened hence in Adaptation of Membership Joinders of Racial Populist and this is simply mind derailment to bring Constitutional Caterstrophy to British Politics, UK Federalism, Monarchical Empiricism and all British Protectorate in advent to collapse by 2036 .

— Judgment and Press Statement
By: Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas
Signature Date: 24th December 2017
Chairman – The Commonwealth Liberation Party
Chieftain – Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission
Royal Mother Of The Commonwealth