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March 20th, 2016No Comments


Are You A Citizen Of The Commonwealth Countries?
Are You A Migrant Living In The United Kingdom Or Europe?
Has Your Visa Or Passport Expired?
Has Your Human Right And Civil Liberties Been Breached?
Here Is Your Final Solution.
For Protection Against Abuse Of Your Human Right, Violation Of Your Civil Liberties And Police Harassment.

The British Commonwealth National Card gives you Security and Protection. The Card allows you Global Social Integration, International Relations, Status Enhancement and Travel Clearance by 2021. Get a copy of your BCN Card Online by ordering the Basic Pack at

If Registering with the Commission for the first Time you will also need to acquire the Basic Pack for obtainment of the British Commonwealth National Card for Global Social Integration, International Relations, Status Enhancement.

Be A British Citizen, Get a British Passport, Use Legality Of UDHR 1948 Treaty. Order Castle Pack A And Castle Pack B Instruments of Law Online for obtainment of British Nationality at The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 9, 13 and 15 1948 Permits your Legality. Use Political Influence Of
The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) at for your Rights to integrate in the United Kingdom.

Protect yourself with the British Commonwealth National Card as it Safeguard your Rights against Infringement by Immigration or Police.  Text your Name, Address and Email to +44 (0) 787 869 7388 or +44 (0) 759 693 8365 if you require directives for Registration and Nationality Scheme.